Carlo Carosso

Carlo Carosso was born in Asti, Italy, from a Greek mother and Italian father. From a very young age he was introduced to painting and engraving by the artist, Laustino, and by the engraver, Caro Caratti. He begun his artistic activity at a very young age with his first exhibition at the age of 17. He studied painting and art restoration by Pierro Martina at the Royal Academy of Turin. He taught History of Art for a short period and then he completely devote himself to painting and sculpture.
Back in 1971 in Samos, he met Yannis Ritsos and this was the beginning of a long artistic collaboration. The results of this collaboration are three albums with poems, crafted with painted woodcuts. The works of these two great artists were presented at various cultural events both in Greece and abroad . The most important of these events were in 1986 in Florence "Florence the cultural capital", in 1988 at the National Gallery of Athens - Museum Alexandros Soutsos and in 1989 at the International Festival of Dramaturgy in Parma. Carosso also created the collection; "The Bacchae of Carlo Carosso", which is the largest collection of signed wine labels in Italy between the 20 best known companies in the area of Langa and Monferrato.

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