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Individual Exhibition of Christiana Garofalidou: "Crisis and Conflicts"

Exhibition duration: 04/10/2018 to 27/10/2018


Ersi Gallery presents the individual exhibition of Christiana Garofalidou entitled "Crisis and Conflicts".

Crisis and Conflicts

These works are part of a series that takes a critical view of social and cultural issues. The work evolves around Greek culture and mythology, as depicted on the pediments of the Parthenon. Comparing the conflicts people had in ancient Greece and the ones we are facing today, as well as the problem-solving techniques used in both periods, the artist developed a series of art-pieces. Contrast is also created through the materials used in creating the pieces, combining photography, which depicts the scenes of the Parthenon’s pediments, with embroidery, which presents the present situation in Greece.
In order to explain the rationale behind the work, the artist provides some background to the pediments of the Parthenon, which is a temple on the Athenian acropolis. The Parthenon, is a symbol of the Ancient Greece and of ancient democracy. It was dedicated to the goddess Athena whom the people of Athens considered to be their patron.
There seems to be a contrast between the way problems were faced in ancient Athens and modern Greece. Back then people were not afraid to face up to reality and find immediate solutions to their problems. Nowadays, we had to face disaster, as the country almost defaulted, before we decided it was time to drop the masks and look at our real self and thus start to try to overcome the problem and all the consequences of the final crisis brought about by the sociopolitical crisis.
What was of particular interest to her was the way people in ancient Greece chose to handle their problems, rather then ignoring them, they faced them. It seems that we should follow the example set by our ancestors and deal with the problems that we brought upon ourselves, taking action and the necessary measures, however painful, in order to resolve the situation that trouble us. To that end, she introduced figures, most of which hover over the pediment figures, some of which aiming to depict both the physical and mental strength required to successfully manage to solve problems when they arise. The rest of the figures aim at expressing relief upon the solution of problems. All figures are in natural movement and full of vital energy. Their nakedness symbolizes the dropping of the masks, which she thinks is essential in helping us look inside ourselves and see what the inner causes of the problem are so that we effectively deal with them.
Also, when it comes to contests as in ancient Greece, one should stick to his arguments and his principles and do the best to support his opinion fearlessly, no matter what the outcome will be. With regards to the current situation in Greece, it is the artist’s belief that Greeks must work together, united towards the best solution of their problems.

Opening: 5 October 2018 at 8 p.m.

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