Group Exhibition "A collection of fine artworks"

Exhibition duration: 24/01/2019 to 12/02/2019

The Ersi Gallery presents the group exhibition "A collection of fine artworks" on Thursday, January 24, 2019.
A collection of fine artworks created by prominent artists of the 20th and the 21st century. The exhibition of a selection of the much discussed collectible works of that period completed the gallery's work cycle of 2018 and will also inaugurate the new cycle of 2019. A valuable heritage, therefore a forerunner at the beginning of an unshielded era.

Kalia Aidini

The exhibition presents works of:
A .Akrithakis, S. Vasileiou, N. Kessanlis, D. Kokkinidis, A. Kontopoulos, K. Mortarakos, Kosmas Xenakis, Constantin Xenakis, S. Politi, S. Sorogas, G. Spyropoulos, T. Tsingos, D. Chiotopoulos, A. Fassianos, M. Argyrakis

updated: 19-01-2019 01:52

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