TAKIS MARTHAS - DIMITRIS VLASSIS "Myths and tales of the soul and the heart"

Exhibition duration: 21/02/2019 to 29/03/2019

“Myths and tales of the soul and the heart”

Angelos Prokopiou writes:

What could an architect offer to painting or to sculpture? An example of such an offer to the Contemporary Greek Art is set by the architects Takis Marthas and Dimitris Vlassis, who have contributed to painting and sculpture respectively. Takis Marthas introduced to the plastic world of the modern Greek painting, the will of the architectural structure.
This is noticeable in the geometric shapes of his compositions and the perspective openings of his visual compositions towards the depth; for instance the hulls and the imaginary cities which are the favorite theme of his works. Especially, as we watch this structure to strive to tame the very materials of the painting.

*Excerpt, “Kathimerini” Newspaper, September 1963

Anna Ηatzigiannaki writes:

Dimitris Vlassis, through his bronze smooth forms, is mainly interested in capturing the potential of an overwhelming moment in time. Full of folds and curves, the abstractive forms of Vlassis, being thoroughly refined, they hide their skeleton or make it disappear and become movement or rather impression of a movement charged with a passion (in its tragic sense) that is controlled by the logic of an elliptical and organized construction. Vlassis himself admits that the roots of his sculpture originate from architecture and that he aims to the remake of tradition. “If architecture was practiced properly in Greece, maybe I would not have turned to sculpture. What is missing today from architecture is the idea, and this is the challenge for architecture to express this idea.”

*Excerpt, “Eikastika” Magazine, December 1986

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