Two-person show “Discipline”

Vangelis Dimitreas - Michail Parlamas

Exhibition duration: 04/04/2024 to 16/05/2024

Ersi’s Gallery is pleased to present a two-person show  entitled “Discipline”. The show is set to introduce a line of succession that connects the work of Vangelis Dimitreas, as a visual artist and the head of a highly esteemed studio at the School of Fine Art in AUTh during 1985-2002 to the current artistic production of his eminent student, Michail Parlamas. 

Vangelis Dimitreas created sober drawings and assemblages which nodded to abstraction. His emphasis on the evolution of draghtmanship as the principal quality that holds and substantializes meaning in every visual element permeated his work and was instilled into his students. Michail Parlamas, having completed his BA studies in art under Dimitreas studied painting in Central Saint-Martin and Univercity of East London, UK. The aesthetic eclecticism of his works puts in use the strict underlaying structure of Dimitreas’ notion of “good drawing” in order to create a passage from the austere paintings of his teacher to postmodern pastiche and then towards a bustling contemporary image which both defies and respects his teacher’s ideas.

Opening : Thursday April 4, 2024 : 19:00 – 22:00.

updated: 27-03-2024 13:04

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