Dimitris Tsirogiannis

Born in Athens in March 1974.He studied sculpture at the Fine Arts department of the Aristotle university of Thessalonica under the tutelage of Fotis Hatzioanidis. As a senior student he was awarded a scholarship from the National Scholarship foundation on 
account of his merit.

He has illustrated books by etching (parting exercises) Minermos publications 2005 and (Mesolloggi) Diatton publications 2007 for the Moshandreou gallery, and calendars ( Arta 2004 )for the municipality of Arta and ( Ioannina 2011 ) for the Esthir Gani Institution. In sculpture, he has made monuments and busts for public places , mostly in towns and cities in Epirus, as for example monuments of the national resistance in Arta Aneza and Zitsa , busts of war heroes in Melissourgoi Keramates and Lesvos the bust of the poet Kristalis in Philippiada and the bust of the painter Yiannis Moralis outside the municipal gallery in Arta . He has also made a big sized sculpture for the exterior of Vasilakis Association in Kifisia and an anniversary sculpture for the pharmaceutical company GSK in France.

He has taken part in many team exhibitions since 1995 in places like Moshandreou gallery the municipal gallery of Athens of Arta of Ioannina and Piraeus , Pieridis gallery , Gazi , the Zappeion , the Art Centre in Athens ,the Parco Eleeftherias , the Eikastikes Anazitiseis gallery , Ersi gallery , Tehnohoros gallery Athens ,Amimoni gallery Ioannina, Oionos gallery Karditsa , artestate Chalandri , Grigorakis museum ,Gizi mansion in Santorini and the teachers Training College Zosimaia in Ioannina.

2000        April. Skoufas gallery, Arta.
2004        (19 January – 28 February). AMIMONI gallery, Ioannina.
2004        (23 July – 8 August). Zourdos gallery, Hudra.
2005        February. Milonoyianni gallery, Chania.
2007        (19 – 28 April). Fotopoulos gallery, Athens
2007        (18 – 27 August). Folklore museum, Aegina 
2010        (15 May – 10 June). Gallery Oionos Karditsa.
2010        (16 – 30 July). Gallery Theodoros Stamos, Lefkada
2010        (15 September – 2 October). Exhibit space dipole Thessaloniki.
2010        Oktober. Gallery Gavras Kolonaki. athens
2012        April. Artestate gallery halandri. athens
2014        December . myro gallery Thessaloniki
2017       May. Municipal  gallery Ioannina
2018        May – June Municipal  gallery Rhodes

His sculptures and prints are displayed in many private collections and galleries in Greece and abroad

Telephone 2681023785   mobile  6959257655 
Email  jim@system.net.gr
Website http://system.net.gr/tsirogiannis/

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Kleomenous 4, Kolonaki, Athens ,Greece
210 7220231