Personal Exhibition of Nikolaos A. Houtos - "Ocher + Blue #sifnos_mou"

Exhibition duration: 15/03/2018 to 14/04/2018

Ersi Gallery presents the solo painting-collages exhibition of Nikolaos A. Houtos on Thursday 15 March 2018 at 19:30 p.m.

Nikolaos A. Houtos relocated his art studio to the island of Sifnos five years ago, where his perspectives broadened as he studied the horizon; an invisible union of sea and sky. He surrendered to the untrammeled intensity of the sun’s light, he observed the order and passage of time in Cycladic architecture and conveyed his experience in 80 works of art which unfalteringly prove that an image can every now and then reveal, as if free writing, a divine testimony. An image which, although of miniature dimensions, proves the infinity of simplicity, the humility of contrast, the presence of time following an ascent upon Cycladic stone steps, the indifference of colour towards the authority of the sun and the dominance, if nothing else, of subtle human measure.

Nikolaos A. Houtos gives in to the charms of the Aegean and becomes a correspondent of this human experience offering his works for recitation of an unambiguous vocabulary to be read in an unhurried, clear and concise utterance.

Kalia Aidini

"Ocher + Blue #sifnos_mou" of Nikolaos A. Houtos (PDF File 1.8Mb)


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