Nikolaos A. Choutos

He studied theatre and scenography at “Hydravlos” Private College branch of the Greek National Opera (1981-83) and journalism at the “Spyros Melas” Journalism College (1983-85).
In 1987 he joined art groups in the Netherlands, participating in neo-Dada happenings. Up to 1991, he created collages and illustrations for Athenian magazines, while he also wrote articles for the daily Athenian press. He continued his studies in painting and fresco at the Athens School of Fine Arts with the late professor Constantine Xynopoulos (1992-95), art history at Christie’s Education with the late Dr. G. Lavvas (1995-96) and Byzantine art history at the Hellenic Open University with the professor Nikolaos Zias, president of European Centre of Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments.
In 1998 he went to Rome to specialize in painting miniatures of Byzantine manuscripts from the Christian tradition of the 10th and 13th centuries. There, he had eight solo exhibitions and he taught icon painting to a small group of students.

He returned to Athens, where he became engaged with creating covers for literary publications, while he also worked as a producer for the radio station of the Church of Greece. He became active in monumental painting, wall painting and mosaic, and he collaborated with the Folklore Institute of the Academy of Athens.
In 2007 a long stay in Paris inspired him to make a series of icon-collages reusing papers from magazines, flyers, leaflets, tickets and newspapers.
The last years, he has founded Ζωγραφείον, an open art studio in Arte- monas village on the island of Sifnos, Cyclades, for the promotion of expressive qualities of Hellenic art.

He has given over thirty solo exhibitions in Italy, Greece, Russia, the UK and France.
His last exhibition took place in Paris in “black” November 2015, under the title “De Sifnos à Paris” there, he introduced the concept of landscape-icon using the technique of collage. Many of his works are in public and private collections in Greece and abroad.
He is member of the Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques UNESCO and of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.
He lives and works between Athens, Rome and Sifnos island in Cyclades.

Website: Νέο παράθυρο

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